Born in Brazil, son of full time musicians, Elton grew up at an intense music study & performing environment. An early success in his songwriting and producing career set the tone for a global presence with incredibly rich and eclectic music productions.   
Music is one of the cornerstones of Brazil and he has taken all of his musical roots and studies in Samba, Bossa Nova and so many other typical Genres to a high, unprecedented level of  excellence when he was offered a Scholarship at Brigham Young University and graduated in Media Music studies.
​​His transcendental work, creativity and technical knowledge has taken him all over the world, to experience unique musical cultures such as Beijing-China, Lima-Peru, London-UK, Dusseldorf-Germany, Buenos Aires-Argentina, and across the US
He has produced for top Hip-hop Violinist,  American singer and songwriter - Lindsey Stirling, Billboard Music Award winner 2015 & 2017 with several other Youtube Awards
Scored music for Devin Graham, top YouTube  American videographer who produces adventure and  extreme sport videos under the name devinsupertramp. His channel has more than 4.5 million subscribers and over 930 million total views. One special highlight from Elton's scores is a video-documentary by one of the producers of the feature film "Soul Surfer", Noah Hamilton featuring his amazing sister - Bethany Hamilton
He wrote and produced over 300 songs for a series of school books that have reached hundreds of thousands of kids and youth in Brazil. He was also commissioned with the task to train over 4.000 Music & Arts school teachers
Elton's  music  has  reached   over  80  Million  views   Online and continues to spread. 

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